I offer evaluation for specific projects or time-limited strands of work, ongoing programmes of work or reviewing organisational processes around evaluation, data and monitoring.   I create bespoke evaluation plans and frameworks for every project or client, drawing on established evaluation theory whilst aiming to demystify the processes and jargon around evaluation.  Most projects I work on typically involve a combination of:

  • Reviewing aims, objectives and outcomes
  • Creating a bespoke evaluation plan and framework
  • Creating evaluation tools and methods of data collection
  • Gathering data
  • Training for staff and volunteers in different aspects of evaluation
  • Facilitating review and evaluation meetings
  • Collating and analysing data
  • Writing formative and summative evaluation reports
  • Summarising evaluation findings (including visual summaries) for public dissemination and specific audiences, for example, trustees and management groups, funders, project participants.
  • Dissemination activities such as conference presentations.

I am not wedded to any particular evaluation approach and I tend to cherry-pick approaches and methods to suit the information needs of the project or organisation.  I most commonly use a collaborative outcomes evaluation approach, but with elements of realist, illuminative and participatory evaluation.

Current and past evaluation work includes: